Website Launch, NEW single off my Upcoming Album, and re-upload of my mixtape "Ride to the End"!

Greetings all fans, visitors, and fam!

And we're finally here. Finally got around to making an official website! First I'd like to recap over this past year! I've hit a lot of milestones this year:

I finally graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Architecture after being in school forever.

I hit a quarter of a century; turned 25.

I had one of my original songs featured on TV for Vegas on the Mic with Will Edwards.

I performed for the Annual Pinoy Pride Festival downtown.

Officially got my music onto Spotify and iTunes.

Performed for a ton of venues including Vegas Vocals and Divine Cafe.

Launched AbapoStudios.

Picked up my first big boy job, working for an Architecture Firm that specializes in luxury residential.

Began hosting and curating for Monday's Most Wanted at The Waterhole.

Performed at the SLS Sayers Club

Recorded at The Palms Studio.

As I've also been talking about to a few of you, I also have a new album in the works finally after two years!

To get you guys pumped for it and as a thank you for your continued support, here is one of the songs on the album for FREE download. Click the album art for the music link:

The album is slated for the early next year! Stay tuned for that!

And finally, today I'll be launching my first website ever for my music! In addition to a new song off the album, I'm also re-releasing my 2011 Ride to the End Mixtape on Bandcamp. Click here below to listen and download for free:

Take a look around the new website! I have future plans including opening up an online store with merchandise AND a beat store for rappers and R&B artists to lease or purchase beats from. Way more content to come!

It's been a long time coming, and I really thank all the people who have been with me this whole time. I'm sure that as a collective, fans, friends, and fam we can all grasp our dreams if we all support each other, and YOU have been an example of that in the way YOU have supported me as an artist. I really could not have made it here without you. All the family coming to my shows, all the family listening to my music, all the family sharing my music, and most importantly, all the family giving me the critical feedback I need to mold myself into a better artist. Nobody ever makes it alone, So Thank You. You guys are the best.