Official Release of 'On A Wave' | HBTC and Recap of OVERFLOW II

First off, I want to thank everyone who came out for OVERFLOW II last Friday. Although the night did not end as we anticipated, it was easily one of the most successful event we've thrown thus far, and my team and I do not intend to stop. We plan to keep on throwing amazing events for the beautiful people of Las Vegas to bring the culture together. We'll be making it up to the artists who did not get to perform their sets that evening. HBTC is looking forward to the next event we put on.

Speaking of HBTC, you may be asking what HBTC is in the first place. HBTC is Las Vegas-based collective of individuals that are poised to make an impact on the Las Vegas culture. We've hit the Las Vegas music scene head-on by curating amazing events, and we plan to hit the fashion scene, arts scene, and any other creative outlet that we desire.

HBTC stems from the term, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and is a testament and philosophy to our team of growing exponentially better in a given amount of time over everyone else.

We present to you our first official release as HBTC, featuring AGEZ, ABSENTMINDED, AND ELMER ABAPO:


Click the image to listen to the song and download it for free.