Updated Website and 'Ready for the World' Updates

I hope you all are doing well!

As you may have noticed, I've been a little MIA with my website and social media.

As of lately, I've been pretty occupied with building new relationships, planning events, performing, planning out my goals for 2016, and working on my album. What I've mostly been focused on is thinking about how to brand myself.

I've had pretty enlightening talks with a few artists here in Las Vegas over the past weeks on how I should present myself as an artist.Much thanks to Jessica Manalo, Cameron Calloway, JR Beatbox, Asaiah Ziv, and all the other artists I've been conversing with. You all have given me great food for thought. As a result of all my brain-picking, I've learned to build a brand; a brand that allows me to expand to whatever I need to; a brand that is limitless.

I've updated my website to put me in the right direction of developing a brand; I still have a lot in store for 2016.

On another great note, I've received permission from the co-producer, DJ iShine, to sell 'Ready For The World'! It's an amazing song produced by DJ iShine and co-produced, written, and performed by me. 

Ready for the World is a song about finally growing up and not taking your talents for granted. It's a song about understanding that we are owed nothing, and that if you desire something, you need to dedicate your whole being to achieving that.

If you FXK with the song, it's only a $1.00 to download!

You can listen and purchase the track by clicking the image below: