With certain artists, you often have a preconceived notion of what to expect based on their image; perhaps it’s something to do with their choice of clothing and jewelry; perhaps it’s the way they carry themselves. Something about the artist triggers the subconscious to anticipate a particular type of performance. However, when it comes to Las Vegas Hip Hop and R&B artist Elmer Abapo, there’s an initial uncertainty with what to expect.

Standing at 5’5” and dressed in a minimalist aesthetic, Elmer Abapo discards the traditional extravagant jewelry and flamboyant clothing choices of his contemporaries, speaking to his philosophy towards music: stripping away all of the superficial and revealing the beauty underneath. Addressing the audience in a soft spoken, yet confident tone of voice, he speaks with a calculated cadence that momentarily neutralizes the energy in the room. One moment, Elmer Abapo is a cool and composed speaker; the next moment, he transforms into a dynamic whirlwind of vocal prowess, filling the room with a flood of energy that any unprepared audience could never anticipate.

A first generation Filipino-American, Elmer Abapo’s music depicts the ever-continuing journey of finding happiness and more importantly, learning oneself amidst Asian cultural expectations for success, society’s affinity towards negativity, and the greatest obstruction to success: lack of belief in one’s own mind.

Naturally, audiences can find a way to relate to these experiences and Elmer Abapo's ability to produce and song-write creates a cohesive sound that paints those experiences through his eyes. Lofty falsettos and soulful chest belts effortlessly soar above self-produced beats. Articulating every word, his intense delivery seems to authenticate everything he is saying. The music production backing him is as versatile as his own voice, sliding up and down the genre spectrum, but often finds root with heavy, atmospheric late-night drive music. Occasionally, the music may branch off into stank-faced Bass Funk like 'Wasting No Time' or delve into heart-thumping House with 'Indigo Child', but no matter the genre, it seems that Elmer Abapo has the innate ability to match the energy and find his own place: a natural genre bender.

Stemming from recent epiphanies inspired by immersing himself with self-development books and mentors, Elmer Abapo’s music has matured in recent years to focusing on loving of oneself and others, as well as understanding the patience needed in order to grow. In pioneering such worthy ideals, Elmer Abapo seeks to be the artist that not only breaks the negative stigma often associated with Hip Hop and R&B music, but also the artist that breaks the glass ceiling for Asian artists in urban culture.

Recent highlights

Featured Artist at Water Lantern Festival
Performance at 2018 Sunset Park’d Festival
‘Sit Next to Me’ played on Real 103.9 iHeart Radio
Opener for Rico Nasty at Vinyl
Featured at City Vibes at The Bunkhouse Saloon
Performance at One Hope Winery in Napa Valley
Performance at 45th Annual St. Anne Festival in Union City
On Tour with Blue Lotus Ent.
Performance at DXPE EXCHANGE
Performance at Union Night Club for Tuesday Blend
Released 2nd Studio Album 'GOOD INTENTIONS'
Album Release Show at Backstage Bar and Billiards
Featured Act at Neon Paradise
Featured Act at CMXX Fashion Show
Featured Act at American Cancer Society Relay For Life
Featured Act at New Vista Wine Walk
Performance at Tuesday Blend 7 Year Anniversary at CMXX
Performance at Jamnation's Annual JAMFEST
Music Featured on Gary Vaynerchuk's DailyVee
'Wasting No Time ft. Nikko Dator' played on Real 103.9 iHeart Radio, Power 88, and Battle Born Radio 91.5
Radio Interview with Roxy Romero for Real 103.9 iHeart Radio
Radio Interview with A.D. for 98.5 KLUC
Performance at Sunset Park'd Food Truck Festival
Featured on So Far Sounds
Featured on Balcony TV
Opening Act for MAYDAY Music
Performance at Grafton Hotel Downtown LA
Performance at Sake Rok on The Strip for Tuesday Blend
Performance at Las Vegas Veteran's Day Memorial Expo
Performance in LA at B-Side Shop with Blue Lotus Ent.
Performance at Dizzy Wright Las Vegas Live Showcase at Embassy Nightclub
Performance at Vinyl at The Hard Rock for Tuesday Blend
Performance at Las Vegas Bernie Sanders Delegate Send-Off Party
Performance At Summer Meltdown Autism Awareness Arts and Music Festival in Santa Clarita

performances at:


The Sayers Club at SLS Hotel and Casino
Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Hard Rock Cafe on The Strip
LAVO Lounge at The Venetian
Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
Hostile Grape at The M Resort and Hotel
Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand
UNLV Black Box Theater
The Bunkhouse Saloon
Container Park
Backstage Bar and Billiards
Embassy Night Club
Town Square
Baobab Theater
Gold Spike
Velveteen Rabbit
Urban Lounge
Artisan Boutique Hotel
Las Vegas Country Saloon
Craig Ranch Regional Park
Beauty Bar
Eagles Aerie Hall
Adrenaline Bar
Sunset Park Festival Venue
Shattered Bar

los angeles

Union Nightclub
Grafton Hotel
B-Side Shop

Napa Valley

One Hope Winery

Santa Monica



Santa Clarita Central Park

uc berkeley

Zellerbech Auditorium

Union City, CA

St. Anne Festival

Mesa, AZ

Jukebox Dance Studio

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